Lenor Scent Booster Spring Awakening (55 wash)

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Offer valid 13th June - 3rd July 2024

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Lenor Spring Awakening Scent Boosters Mega Value Pack (750 g), €12.00

Available in different scents, each Lenor fragrance provides an in-wash scent boost that injects freshness into every wash. With their non-stop freshness, Lenor scent boosters keeps up to 12 weeks with boosted freshness (in storage), so your clothes are always ready to wear, infused with your favourite scent. Lenor scent experts recommend Lenor Spring Awakening if you are looking for a scent taking inspiration from spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar for a revitalizing, uplifting experience. For an optimal use, Lenor scent boosters should be added into the empty drum before every wash; then add clothes, detergent, fabric conditioner, your usual laundry routine.

Lenor Spring Awakening Scent Boosters Mega Value Pack (750 g)
Lenor Spring Awakening Scent Boosters Mega Value Pack (750 g)Open product description