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Jacob's Wafers (15 g), €0.49

Jacob's Wafers 15g

Jacob's Wafers (15 g)
Jacob's Wafers (15 g)Open product description

Irish Cone & Wafer Co. Wafers (15 g), €0.45

Irish Cone & Wafer Co. 10 Cool Wafers 15g

Irish Cone & Wafer Co. Wafers (15 g)
Irish Cone & Wafer Co. Wafers (15 g)Open product description

Moo'd 10 Pack Wafer (1.5 g), €0.55

At Moo'd, nothing but the best will do. So we've created a range of cones and wafers to pair with our delicious range of 100% dairy ice cream. Enjoy!

Moo'd 10 Pack Wafer (1.5 g)
Moo'd 10 Pack Wafer (1.5 g)Open product description
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