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Epicure Artichoke Hearts (390 g), €3.10

Our Artichoke Hearts have been caringly prepared. Get cold in a salad or try stirring through pasta.

Epicure Artichoke Hearts (390 g)
Epicure Artichoke Hearts (390 g)Open product description

Epicure Petty Porcini Mushrooms (30 g), €4.55

Our Porcini Mushrooms are packed with flavour. Delicious in soup or pastas.

Epicure Petty Porcini Mushrooms   (30 g)
Epicure Petty Porcini Mushrooms (30 g)Open product description

Epicure Green Asparagus Spears (425 g), €3.30

Our Green Asparagus Spears have been carefully prepared. Perfect topping on pizzas or in omelettes.

Epicure Green Asparagus Spears (425 g)
Epicure Green Asparagus Spears (425 g)Open product description

Epicure Leaf Spinach (380 g), €1.60

Our Leaf Spinach is harvested and prepared when full of flavour. Delicious stirred through pasta sauce or as a topping on pizza.

Epicure Leaf Spinach (380 g)
Epicure Leaf Spinach (380 g)Open product description

Epicure Ratatouille Nicoise (375 g), €1.75

Our Ratatouille Niçoise originates from the South of France capturing the simple flavours of Provence and Nice. Delicious as a side dish, ideal filling for crêpes.

Epicure Ratatouille Nicoise (375 g)
Epicure Ratatouille Nicoise (375 g)Open product description
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