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VikaKraft Goldfish Flake Food (100 ml), €3.30

High-quality flake food for goldfish - guarantees a comprehensive diet, promotes vitality and glorious colours. With healthy wheat germ, spirulina and shrimps. Beta-glucan and multivitamins strengthen the immune system. The prebiotic ingredient supports the intestinal flora and optimum feed conversion. Does not cloud the water.

VikaKraft Goldfish Flake Food (100 ml)
VikaKraft Goldfish Flake Food (100 ml)Open product description

Peckish Peanuts Filled Bird Feeder (300 g), €7.99

Peckish Peanuts are one of the most traditional garden bird foods and will attract a wide variety of colourful birds into your garden. High Energy: Provides garden birds with energy and attracts a wide variety of garden birds. Rich in Protein: Rich in oils & protein to help support growth & development. Aflatoxin Tested: Tested for aflatoxins to ensure your garden birds receive only the highest quality.

Peckish Peanuts Filled Bird Feeder (300 g)
Peckish Peanuts Filled Bird Feeder (300 g)Open product description
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