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Lilly's Eco Clean Orange Floor Cleaner (750 ml), €4.50

Health A clean home minus the fumes Typical cleaning chemicals may have some side effects we could do without. Choose Lilly's Eco Clean for your cleaning products & detergents and support a healthy & balanced lifestyle. Home Easy cleaning, natural fresh scents Whether your haven is a tiny home or a mansion, keep it clean with some help from Lilly's. Enjoy the fresh scent of Natural Essential Oils. You, your family and your home are worth it. Lilly's Unique Vinegar Based Natural Formula for Your Floors. The uplifting orange oil gently polishes your floor while making the mopping more fun. Our surface cleaners have excellent cleaning properties that are clinically tested (BS1276), biodegradable and scented only with natural essential oils. Removes both grease and limescale.

Lilly's Eco Clean Orange Floor Cleaner (750 ml)
Irish Made
Lilly's Eco Clean Orange Floor Cleaner (750 ml)Open product description
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