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Starter Firelog (1 Piece), €1.50

Starter Firelog 700g

Starter Firelog (1 Piece)
10 for €14.60
Starter Firelog (1 Piece)Open product description

Firebloc Firelog (1 Piece), €2.10


Firebloc Firelog (1 Piece)
4 for €8.20
Firebloc Firelog (1 Piece)Open product description

Zip Fire Starter (1 Piece), €1.45

Standard Brands Quality Environmental Health & Safety Certified Site

Zip Fire Starter (1 Piece)
3 for €4
Zip Fire Starter (1 Piece)Open product description

SuperValu Fire Pouch (4 kg), €8.19

Information Approved Fuel - Contents comply with the Air Pollution Act Regulations. Swift 7 Certified EPA Reg No F0047-01

SuperValu Fire Pouch (4 kg)
SuperValu Fire Pouch (4 kg)Open product description

Zip Firestarter 10 Pack (400 g), €13.50

Zip® and the Heart logo are registered trademarks and used under licence.

Zip Firestarter 10 Pack (400 g)
Zip Firestarter 10 Pack (400 g)Open product description

Zip 100% Natural Fire Bag 2.5kg (2.5 kg), €6.50

Zip Fire in a bag is made from sustainably farmed coppiced willow. By coppicing the willow we just harvest what we need, leaving the willow root to flourish and grow as nature intended. Willow is often referred to as a wonder crop due to it's quick growing characteristics and its ability to thrive in wet soil which would otherwise be unusable.

Zip 100% Natural Fire Bag 2.5kg (2.5 kg)
Zip 100% Natural Fire Bag 2.5kg (2.5 kg)Open product description

Starter Firelog 700g (1 Piece), €14.60

Power Starter Firelog

Starter Firelog 700g (1 Piece)
Starter Firelog 700g (1 Piece)Open product description

Zip 100% Natural Heatlogs 10 Pack (10 Piece), €7.00

Benefits - Uniform size for easy storage - Low moisture = better burn - Ideal for indoor & outdoor fires, solid fuel stoves, firepits, chimineas and all wood burning appliances Features - 100% natural - Ignites easily - Made from natural food waste material - Compressed logs = better performance

Zip 100% Natural Heatlogs 10 Pack (10 Piece)
Zip 100% Natural Heatlogs 10 Pack (10 Piece)Open product description
€7.00€0.70 each
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