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SuperValu Leeks (350 g), €1.79

5 a Day It is recommended that we eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables everyday to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 80g equals one portion.

SuperValu Leeks (350 g)
SuperValu Leeks (350 g)Open product description

SuperValu Loose Leeks (1 kg), €4.25/kg

Loose Leeks

SuperValu Loose Leeks (1 kg)
SuperValu Loose Leeks (1 kg)Open product description
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SuperValu Celery Import (1 Piece), €1.09

Celery is a delicious, low calorie vegetable that adds so much to mealtimes. Enjoy it in a crunchy salad or add to your favourite casserole for some extra flavour. It's a source of dietary fibre and, because it's SuperValu, you know it's been picked just for you. Why not try our celery soup recipe?

SuperValu Celery Import (1 Piece)
SuperValu Celery Import (1 Piece)Open product description
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