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Pedigree Markies Dog Treats (500 g), €4.49

Dogs love to play - Markies dog treats are crunchy dog biscuits filled with a tasty centre dogs adore. They're great to roll, throw and catch, which makes for delicious and fun playtimes. Markies dog treats have added Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, and contain no artificial colours or flavours, so you can feel good about it too! Delicious biscuits for dogs with Marrowbone A complementary pet food, Markies dog chews have been developed into a varied range of tasty flavours and sizes by nutritionists and vets at The Waltham Centre. Markies dog treats contain Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life, vitamins to help maintain their natural defences and minerals including calcium to help give them strong bones. Delicious Markies dog treats are dog chews which contain no artificial colours or flavours, so you can feel good about them when rewarding your canine friend. Markies tasty dog biscuits are available in different flavours, in Standard size and in Minis. Help keep your dog exuberant with Markies dog treats; part of the Pedigree dog treats range.

Pedigree Markies Dog Treats (500 g)
Pedigree Markies Dog Treats (500 g)Open product description

Bonio Dog Biscuits with Chicken (650 g), €3.75

Complementary pet food for adult dogs. Your dog won't be able to resist our mouth-watering tasty BONIO® Adult dog biscuits. Traditionally and lovingly oven-baked, our delicious dog treats are the perfect snack morning, noon and night! Take them on your walk or play a game and hide them for your dog to find, whichever the way you treat your dog, we're sure he'll be happy! We use carefully selected ingredients including wholegrains in our tasty BONIO® Adult dog biscuits to help keep him healthy and happy. Our BONIO® Adult dog biscuits also has the delicious taste of chicken to help get your dog's tail wagging! A great way to help keep your dog's teeth healthy! The crunchy oven-baked texture helps reduce the build up of tartar and helps remove plaque.

Bonio Dog Biscuits with Chicken (650 g)
Bonio Dog Biscuits with Chicken (650 g)Open product description

Bonio Original Dog Biscuits (650 g), €3.75

Complementary pet food for adult dogs. Watch your dog's tail wag at the sight of our delicious BONIO® Adult dog biscuits, a treat that he will enjoy at morning, noon and night! Our tasty treats are enriched with vitamins and minerals l nutrients to help keep your dog supported and healthy, whilst providing him with a yummy treat for him to enjoy! Our PURINA® vets and nutritionists have developed our BONIO® Adult dog biscuits with your dog in mind, helping to care for his teeth, gums and even his digestive system! These tasty biscuits are low in fat and are ideal for taking on walks or using to play games around the house! Watch his tail wag with happiness when it is BONIO® time!

Bonio Original Dog Biscuits (650 g)
Bonio Original Dog Biscuits (650 g)Open product description
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