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SuperValu Buttermilk (1 L), €1.00

SuperValu Irish Buttermilk 1 Litre

SuperValu Buttermilk (1 L)
Irish Made
SuperValu Buttermilk (1 L)Open product description

Avonmore Butter Milk (1 L), €1.29

Avonmore Buttermilk, the perfect choice Avonmore Buttermilk is cultured milk made using specially selected lactic acid culture to give it a refreshing tangy taste. It is an extremely versatile ingredient and can be used to make scones, breads, cakes and smoothies. Avonmore Buttermilk can even be enjoyed on its own as a tasty, nutritious drink.

Avonmore Butter Milk  (1 L)
Irish Made
Avonmore Butter Milk (1 L)Open product description

Cuinneog Natural Buttermilk (1 L), €2.45

Our Cuinneog buttermilk is thick and creamy with a deliciously tart depth of flavour. Beloved of bakers, our buttermilk will bring a new dimension to brown bread, scones and pancakes, but also makes delicious and distinctive desserts and adds that sour kick to dressings, foams & sauces, marinades, batters and even icing.

Cuinneog Natural Buttermilk (1 L)
Cuinneog Natural Buttermilk (1 L)Open product description
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