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Mam Milk Powder Box (1 Piece), €8.00

The MAM Principle Parents are demanding. We at MAM are too. That's why, for over 35 years, we've been developing products along with experts from medicine & research that are unique in function and design, support the individual development of every child and make everyday baby life easier. Snap Covers Allow easy filling Easy to open, fill and reclose Ideal for use at home and on the go MAM Design Convenient flat shape - fits in changing bag Ideal for use at home and on the go Triangular Shape Large corner openings, formula can be easily and completely emptied 3 compartments for 3 extra large portions

Mam Milk Powder Box (1 Piece)
Only €6
Mam Milk Powder Box (1 Piece)Open product description
€8.00 was €10.19

Tomnee Tippee Daily Breast Pads Medium (40 Piece), €5.00

Performs Better than the leading disposable breast pad† Custom sizes to fit you and your bra No show through** Stay put for longer^ Guaranteed leak free comfort** Choosing the right fit guarantees no leaks** †Internal testing against three competitors demonstrated better combined performance of our breast pads on absorbency, fit, leak prevention and adhesion to bra. **Provided you have followed our size, range (daily or super-absorbent) guidelines, placed pad in bra correctly, and you change your breast pad after each feed and / or at least once every six hours whichever comes first). ^Lab tested: our pads demonstrated stronger retention, and for a longer period than three competitors. Mum, you're one of a kind. Inspired by your unique love and commitment, Tommee Tippee Made for Me treats you like the true wonder you are and makes breastfeeding a little smoother and more comfortable.

Tomnee Tippee Daily Breast Pads Medium (40 Piece)
Only €5
Tomnee Tippee Daily Breast Pads Medium (40 Piece)Open product description
€5.00 was €6.60€0.13 each

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