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Walshs Original Spice Burgers 2 Pack (185 g), €2.19

The Original Spice Burger Please raise your fork to maurice 'The Butcher' Walsh who invented the original spice burger in Dublin way back in the 50's - a legend in Irish chippers and kitchens across the country. We're proud to say that we still use the very same secret recipe today so you can carry on enjoying the same great taste of the original spice burger.

Walshs Original Spice Burgers 2 Pack (185 g)
Walshs Original Spice Burgers 2 Pack (185 g)Open product description

Carrolls Nyd Bbq Ribs (600 g), €6.99

Why not also try... Pulled Pork Smoky BBQ Chicken Wings Sweet BBQ Delicious!

Carrolls Nyd Bbq Ribs (600 g)
Carrolls Nyd Bbq Ribs (600 g)Open product description
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