Re-turn first february 2024

From 1st February 2024, when you buy a drink in a plastic bottle, aluminium or steel can that features the Re-turn logo, you pay a small deposit in addition to the price of the drink. When you return your empty, undamaged container to your local SuperValu store, you get your deposit back in full. Find out more about the Re-turn Deposit Scheme on

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Why am I seeing an extra charge on some products and at checkout? This is a new government refundable deposit charge for plastic and aluminium drink containers. While this is being rolled out you may see some products that have the Deposit fee and some that don’t.
I got charged more because a product with a Re-turn logo was substituted in for a non Re-turn product ... From February 1st 2024 any Plastic and Aluminium drink containers that have the Re-turn logo will require a deposit of 15c/25c.
A non Re-turn product was substituted for a Re-turn product I ordered. Was I charged the Deposit fee, and can I return this container? There is a roll out period to allow stores clear stock they have without the Re-turn logo. If you receive one of these products, you will not be charged the deposit price, in turn you cannot return these products to the vending machines.
What will the charge look like at checkout? You will see the total deposit fee under the delivery/collection fee at checkout - It will be labelled Deposit.
Can I return my containers with my delivery driver? Delivery drivers cannot accept container returns. You can return your containers to the reverse vending machine at your local SuperValu store.
How do I return my container? You can return your empty undamaged bottles or aluminium cans to the reverse vending machine at your local SuperValu store.
I have a voucher from returning my containers, can this be used online? Currently these vouchers can only be redeemed at the store you returned your containers to.

For more information, please visit Re-turn