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All Butter Croissant (70 g), €1.25

All Butter Croissant 70g

All Butter Croissant (70 g)
4 for €4
All Butter Croissant (70 g)Open product description

Danish Vanilla Cream (98 g), €1.25

Sweet Danish pastry with vanilla flavoured cream filling.

Danish Vanilla Cream (98 g)
4 for €4
Danish Vanilla Cream (98 g)Open product description

Danish Cinnamon Swirl (93 g), €1.25

Swirl of crumbly Danish pastry infused with a delicate cinnamon flavour

Danish Cinnamon Swirl (93 g)
4 for €4
Danish Cinnamon Swirl (93 g)Open product description

Pain au Chocolat (80 g), €1.25

Classic French Pastry infused with Belgian Chocolate filling. 

Pain au Chocolat (80 g)
4 for €4
Pain au Chocolat (80 g)Open product description

Chocolate Torsade (100 g), €1.25

Soft butter pastry with chocolate filling.

Chocolate Torsade (100 g)
4 for €4
Chocolate Torsade (100 g)Open product description

Plain Scone (120 g), €1.20

Plain Scone 120g

Plain Scone (120 g)
4 for €4
Irish Made
Plain Scone (120 g)Open product description

Maple Pecan Plait (98 g), €1.25

Danish pastry with sweet maple syrum and topped with pecan nuts.

Maple Pecan Plait (98 g)
4 for €4
Maple Pecan Plait (98 g)Open product description

Pain Aux Raisin Whirl (110 g), €1.25

Danish pastry made with butter and filled with custard cream and sultanas.

Pain Aux Raisin Whirl (110 g)
4 for €4
Pain Aux Raisin Whirl (110 g)Open product description

Sultana Fruit Scone (130 g), €1.20

Sultana Fruit Scone 130g

Sultana Fruit Scone (130 g)
4 for €4
Irish Made
Sultana Fruit Scone (130 g)Open product description
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