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Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry (75 cl), €17.99

Since 1882 The "Bristol Cream®" has stood apart - a distinctive mingling of four different sherries from the 'Solera' of casks of different ages. Discover the essence of invention - perfectly chilled or over ice, as a long drink or cocktail.

Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Sandeman 3 Star Port (75 cl), €17.75

Established by George Sandeman in 1790, Sandeman has been shipping fine Portos all over the world for more than 225 years. This Ruby Porto is rich and gloriously red with plum and berry notes. Savour it with creamy cheeses, chocolate desserts or fruit pies. Enjoy Sandeman Ruby, Tawny or White on their own, on ice or as a long drink.

Sandeman 3 Star Port  (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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A Winter's Tale Amontillado Sherry (75 cl), €17.00

A distinctive blend of our finest sherries from palomino grapes, aged in old oak casks. Old gold in colour. The bouquet is a pleasant mix of nuts and "Flor" with slightly woody touch. It is smooth, rounded and full on the palate.

A Winter's Tale Amontillado Sherry (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Old Cellar Cream (70 cl), €12.00

Produced to the highest standard and in the finest tradition, Old Cellar Cream is smooth and sweet with a rich, full bodied taste.

Old Cellar Cream  (70 cl)
Age restricted item
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Martini Rosso Vermouth (75 cl), €13.49

MARTINI Rosso is a sweet red vermouth with regional herbs at its heart, such as sage, savoury and dittany, balanced against bittersweet exotic woods. This sweet vermouth is light, balanced and scarlet-hued.

Martini Rosso Vermouth (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port (75 cl), €18.99

We're sure you'll agree our fine ruby has all the liveliness you'd expect from a youngster, channelled through two centuries of expertise. With rich red fruit freshness, this bottle comes to you from the heart of the Douro Valley, via the beautiful city of Porto, and carries our cellar master's mark - the ultimate guarantee of quality.

Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Croft Original Sherry (75 cl), €17.99

Savour the sweet, crisp refreshment of Croft original, the classic pale cream.

Croft Original Sherry  (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Tio Pepe (75 cl), €16.99

Uncompromisingly dry, refreshing and distinctive, Tio Pepe is the perfect partner for savoury nibbles, olives, fried fish, Spanish ham and of course tapas. Tio Pepe is best enjoyed within a year of bottling. Serve well-chilled.

Tio Pepe  (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Buckfast Tonic Wine Bottle (75 cl), €16.00

Red Wine Based Aperitif 99.28%

Buckfast Tonic Wine Bottle (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Martini Bianco Vermouth (75 cl), €13.49

MARTINI Bianco is a white vermouth that has a unique base made from white wines and extracts of aromatic herbs and flowers. This white vermouth offers soft vanilla notes and a recognizable taste.

Martini Bianco Vermouth (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Martini Extra Dry Vermout (75 cl), €13.49

MARTINI Extra Dry captures the essence of the rare woods, herbs and citrus that makes up the secret recipe. This dry white vermouth displays tart, violet-scented notes and a bright finish.

Martini Extra Dry Vermout (75 cl)
Age restricted item
Martini Extra Dry Vermout (75 cl)Open product description
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