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Huzzar Vodka (70 cl), €23.00

Energy 23.3 x 30ml bottle 30ml glass = 257kJ/62kcal 100ml = 207kcal/858kJ

Huzzar Vodka  (70 cl)
Age restricted item
Huzzar Vodka (70 cl)Open product description

Graham Norton Vodka (70 cl), €35.00

Anyone who tells you that vodka is flavourless has clearly been wasting time drinking the wrong sort of vodka. My new Irish vodka is a spirit to be enjoyed, not ignored. Graham Norton. Could Graham Norton's Own Irish Vodka be the best thing to happen to cocktails since the olive? Select your favourite happy hour soundtrack, dust off that shaker and see for yourself! Craft distilled the traditional way from Irish potatoes, this Vodka is made with pure Mullaghmesha Mountain Water, filtered through 300-million-year-old West Cork red sandstone. Crafted in collaboration with Invivo - home of Graham Norton's Own Wines since 2014

Graham Norton Vodka (70 cl)
Age restricted item
Graham Norton Vodka (70 cl)Open product description
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