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Kleenex Ultrasoft Regular Facial Tissues Twin Pack (64 Sheets), €4.00

Life can be messy, but that doesn't mean we can't face it with a little bit of luxury. Give you and your family the royal treatment with Kleenex® Ultra Soft, our premium tissues that are kinder to your skin. Perfect for blotting lipstick, dabbing makeup, or every snuffle or sad movie, Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues are by your side. Gentle on your skin and silky to the touch, give your skin a little extra TLC with Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues. Stock up with a twin pack of Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues so you'll never be caught without your favourite soft and silky tissues. Our boxes are 100% recyclable and 100% of the fibres used in Kleenex® Brand tissues comes from sustainable sources which supports a positive change for forests and people around the world. Enjoy a softer, gentler touch. Our Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues are extra gentle on noses, mouths and faces. Give your skin the luxe treatment you deserve with Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues, ready to tackle any challenge. If you've got a soft spot for the finer things in life, trust Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues to leave your skin feeling its best, no matter what. That's why our customers rate them 9.4 out of 10 for softness*. *In a 2020 consumer use test on softness

Kleenex Ultrasoft Regular Facial Tissues Twin Pack (64 Sheets)
Only €4
Kleenex Ultrasoft Regular Facial Tissues Twin Pack (64 Sheets)Open product description

Kleenex Balsam Regular Twin 64 Sheet (5.12 sqm), €4.00

Snotty noses. Stuffy noses. Streamy noses. They're part of everyday life. Especially during cold and flu season. So, when you're not feeling your best, be kind to yourself and treat your nose to a little extra care when you grab Kleenex® Balsam tissue - your nose's favourite sidekick. Don't let a runny nose ruin your day. Wipe, blow and soothe your nose with a tissue you can trust. Kleenex® Balsam tissues are soft and kind to snotty noses. With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it's protective balm helps to soothe your nose, so banish the redness and hold your head high. Join the 98%* of noses that agree Kleenex® Balsam tissues are kinder to their skin. *Based on a study of 120 people

Kleenex Balsam Regular Twin 64 Sheet (5.12 sqm)
Only €4
Kleenex Balsam Regular Twin 64 Sheet (5.12 sqm)Open product description

Softy Mansize Facial Tissues (100 Sheets), €1.09

Our Promise Every pack: 100 x 2ply sheets Every sheet: 240mm x 275mm Every pack: 6.60m2 FSC - FSC®, Mix, Paper from responsible sources, FSC® C074684,, We only use sustainably sourced FSC® certified paper. We are proud to partner with Sedex to protect people, the environment and business in a sustainable and ethical way.

Softy Mansize Facial Tissues (100 Sheets)
Softy Mansize Facial Tissues (100 Sheets)Open product description
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