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Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich 4 Pack (100 ml), €3.50

Oreo is a trademark of the Mondelēz International Group used under license.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich 4 Pack (100 ml)
Only €3.50
Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich 4 Pack (100 ml)Open product description

Feast Chocolate 4Mp (360 ml), €3.99

Feast Original chunky chocolate ice cream stick is a delicious chocolate flavour ice cream that makes for a hearty snack that will satisfy everyone. Chocolate flavoured ice cream – all light and fluffy – wrapped in a chocolatey coating with biscuit pieces. Inside the delicious ice cream lies a solid and crunchy chocolate nugget core. All in all, it's crispy and delicious with a smooth creamy texture. Feast is the perfect indulgence that you can treat yourself with. Enjoy a multipack of 4 Feast ice creams to share with family or friends. Feast is an iconic British ice cream and part of the Wall's ice cream family, which also includes Cornetto cones, Solero and Calippo ice lollies. Here at Wall's, we like to think of Feast as a full on ‘feast’ for the senses – with the outer chocolatey coating with biscuit pieces, and the inner chocolatey core surrounded by chocolate flavour ice cream, making up the delicious treat. Perfect for an afternoon treat, to enjoy after a meal as frozen desserts, or on a hot day in summer. Feast is part of Wall's broad range of ice creams which are helping to build a happier, more inclusive world, one street at a time.

Feast Chocolate 4Mp (360 ml)
Feast Chocolate 4Mp (360 ml)Open product description

Haagen Dazs Macaron Strawberry & Raspberry (420 ml), €7.18

A recipe collaboration with the legendary brand, Pierre Hermé, reinterpreting France's most classic dessert, the macaron. For this recipe, we introduced pink mini macaron shells to our signature strawberry ice cream and watched the magic happen. Head on the tastebud trip of a lifetime as you dive into fruity pools of raspberry sauce, picking up mini macaron shells along the way. Don’t hold back with Häagen-Dazs. Bite through the crunchy shells of our pink mini macarons to reach their moreish, chewy centres – each delicately balancing the strawberry ice cream sweetness with the macaron’s signature almond flavour. The result? Spoonfuls span narrow alleys and open runways, meandering through all the cafés and parks, silent galleries and lovelock bridges. For this trip to Paris, you don’t need a passport. This flavour is perfect for pairing with a dessert, having on its own or sharing with friends. To create our luxury and creamy signature scoops, we use our unique blending technique to combine four simple and classic ingredients: fresh cream, milk, eggs, and sugar. Macaron shells are coloured with naturally sourced ingredients, sweet potato and carrot concentrates. Häagen-Dazs have been making luxury ice cream like no other since 1960. Our founder, Reuben Mattus’ vision was to make the most extraordinary ice cream the world has ever tasted, from vanilla to Belgium chocolate. But our commitment to quality has never changed. That means only the best, natural ingredients for our ice creams and absolutely no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. So we make an ice cream like no other – we don’t hold back!

Haagen Dazs Macaron Strawberry & Raspberry (420 ml)
Haagen Dazs Macaron Strawberry & Raspberry (420 ml)Open product description

HB Iceberger 4 Pack (100 ml), €5.29

Iceberger 4 Pack

HB Iceberger 4 Pack (100 ml)
HB Iceberger 4 Pack (100 ml)Open product description
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