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Clearly Organic Airen Sauvignon Blanc (75 cl), €8.75

Clearly Organic Airén Sauvignon Blanc 75cl

Clearly Organic Airen Sauvignon Blanc (75 cl)
Age restricted item
Clearly Organic Airen Sauvignon Blanc (75 cl)Open product description

Vinas del Vero Gewurztraminer (75 cl), €15.00

The Colección is a series of estate wines, each from a single low-yield vineyard, giving outstanding varietal character and representing the unique qualities of their individual terroir. Although not native to Spain the Gewürztraminer vines which were planted in 1990, have found their ideal Spanish home at Vinas del Vero. With its distinct floral aromas, complemented by notes of tropical fruit such as lychee, pineapple and papaya create an aromatic full bodied white wine, pale yellow in colour with a greenish sparkle.  

Vinas del Vero Gewurztraminer (75 cl)
Age restricted item
Vinas del Vero Gewurztraminer (75 cl)Open product description
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