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Chateau Sissan Grande Reserve Bordeaux (75 cl), €11.99

A stunning property dating back to the 17th century, the Château Sissan vineyard estate stretches out to the uppermost reaches of Camblanes, guaranteeing the vines are ideally situated. The wine has a delicate and elegant bouquet, exuding aromas of red fruits and spice. Fleshy on the palate with a round and mellow finish.

Chateau Sissan Grande Reserve Bordeaux (75 cl)
Only €11.99
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€11.99 was €23.99€11.99/75cl

Chateau Pey La Tour Bordeaux (75 cl), €9.99

Owned by Dourthe since 1990, château pey la tour is located on a magnificent terroir, enhanced by exemplary levels of vineyard management setting the standard within the Bordeaux appellation. Stunning garnet in colour, on the nose the wine is defined by red fruit notes. Soft and remarkably well-balanced, this wine reveals attractive lingering aromatics on the finish.

Chateau Pey La Tour Bordeaux (75 cl)
Only €9.99
Age restricted item
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€9.99 was €19.99€9.99/75cl

Michel Lynch Bordeaux Merlot (75 cl), €14.99

The wine that bears his name has passed through the hands of a renowned winemaking team. It is crafted from a selection of the Bordeaux vineyard's noblest grapes, which have been harvested at maturity and carefully vinified. Michel Lynch is an elegant and fruit-forward wine, a perfect reflection of its rich terroir, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Michel Lynch Bordeaux Merlot (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Lady De Mour Margaux (75 cl), €30.00

This is Margaux in its purest form. Cabernet Sauvignon is supported by Merlot and a touch of Cabernet Franc that has been aged in oak for 12-15 months. Delicate notes of red berries on the nose, so very typical of Margaux. Elegant and well-structured ripe dark fruits combine with silky tannins giving the wine a wonderfully long and pleasing finish. Enjoy this wine now or age for 5 to 10 years.

Lady De Mour Margaux (75 cl)
Only €30
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€30.00 was €37.99€30.00/75cl

Chateau Manon des Brumes (75 cl), €10.00

60% Merlot, 30% Cab. Sauvignon 10% Cab. franc Château Manon Des Brumes Estate is located in Blaye district. part of the famous ''Cotes of Bordeaux'' AOC appellation. Owned by the family Bantegnies for the last 2 centuries, this beautiful Estate is producing traditional Bordeaux red and white. They have during the last 20 years, consolidating the château's reputation for producing the appellation's foremost wines. Château Manon Des Brumes red goes perfectly with roast, beef and light cheeses Wine makers comments: Brilliant and attractive colour, ripe black fruit nose of blackcurrant hints. Soft and smooth, well integrated tannins on the palate with pleasant aromas of ripe grapes supported by good body.

Chateau Manon des Brumes (75 cl)
Only €10
Age restricted item
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€10.00 was €13.00€10.00/75cl

Chateau Lacombe Cadiot (75 cl), €17.99

From Vineyards located in Macau, in the Médoc, on some of the best soils of the region, this wine offers clean fruit on the palate and a very long aftertaste showing all the finesse of the Cabernet-Sauvignon and the Merlot grapes. A very elegant wine which goes perfectly well with red and rich white meats, and also great with cheese

Chateau Lacombe Cadiot (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Dark Apparition Alicante Bouschet (75 cl), €10.00

Born in 1855, this varietal was the result of the grenache noir and petit bouschet crossing, made by Henri Bouschet. Since then, this varietal has spread all over the Mediterranean vineyards, mostly the Languedoc region, South of France. Atypical it offers a red pulp as well as a red skin, which enhances the wine colour displaying a dark red robe. It also provides fatness to the wine red. The result is a jammy and fruity

Dark Apparition Alicante Bouschet (75 cl)
Only €10
Age restricted item
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€10.00 was €13.25€10.00/75cl

Chateau Moulin Lafitte Bordeaux (75 cl), €19.00

Grapes sourced from selected, south facing vineyards, this wine was produced using 80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc. This full bodied elegant red with soft tannins is deep ruby in colour and has aromas of red fruit and spices. Delicious with duck, roasted and grilled meat dishes.

Chateau Moulin Lafitte Bordeaux (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Chateau Meaume Bordeaux Superieur (75 cl), €17.99

British owned since 1980, Château Méaume has 38 hectares of vines near the St Emilion/Pomerol area of Bordeaux. The vineyard, ideally situated on the area's clay soil, is planted predominately with Merlot vines. Small areas of Cabernets Franc and Sauvignon add complexity to the blend. Over the years Mêaume has built a reputation for exceptional value. Dark, fruity and well balanced, this wine is ready for drinking now and will benefit from maturing for many years hereafter. This Château Méaume wine has passed a chemical analysis and a tasting panel to obtain : "Appellation Bordeaux Supérieur Contrôlée".

Chateau Meaume Bordeaux Superieur (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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