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Promise Gluten Free Soft White Loaf (480 g), €4.59

The Gluten Free Family Bakery Dedicated to a Tastier Way of Life! Our love of baking runs through generations of our family bakery. Our dedication to taste is a labour of love where we have spent time baking the finest gluten free white loaf which is carefully crafted using a slow and unique bread making technique. Promise Gluten Free products are designed to help you enjoy your life the way you want to, without compromising on taste or quality. Our range of ingredients is specially formulated to enable you to enjoy delicious Gluten Free baked products at any time. We promise you will love the taste. It's a Promise we live by every day.

Promise Gluten Free Soft White Loaf (480 g)
Promise Gluten Free Soft White Loaf (480 g)Open product description

Corn Mini Broghies (45 g), €2.50

When we originally started making Broghies™ popped grains, we kept in mind the type of snack our own children would enjoy. We also wanted to make sure it offered the best possible taste and nutritional values. We think our small town Canadian company has achieved this and to stay close to our roots we named the product after our daughters; Broghen and Brogyn. So whether you are 8 months or 80, enjoy a Broghie popped grain and feel free to let us know what you think! Thanks, Ken and Terry

Corn Mini Broghies (45 g)
Corn Mini Broghies (45 g)Open product description
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