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Glenisk Fresh Goats Milk (1 L), €3.19

To your good health! Our customers choose our delicious Goats Milk for lots of reasons - whether it's the mild, creamy taste or because they are sensitive to other milks and still want the benefits of fresh, natural dairy milk, that is easy to digest. Goats Milk has long been valued for its soothing properties when it comes to the skin. Whatever your reason for choosing our milk, we thank you, and we'd love to hear more: tell us your Glenisk Goats story at and you could be in with a chance to win a month's supply of delicious Glenisk Goats Milk and Goats Yogurt! From our family to yours, The Clearys

Glenisk Fresh Goats Milk  (1 L)
Irish Made
Glenisk Fresh Goats Milk (1 L)Open product description
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