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Avonmore Luxury Fresh Custard (500 g), €3.20

Avonmore Luxury Fresh Custard 500g

Avonmore Luxury Fresh Custard (500 g)
Avonmore Luxury Fresh Custard (500 g)Open product description

Piatnica Cottage Cheese (200 g), €0.82

Piątnica Cottage Cheese 200g

Piatnica Cottage Cheese (200 g)
Piatnica Cottage Cheese (200 g)Open product description

Milko Natural Kefir (1 L), €1.63

FSC - FSC® C014047, Tetra Pak® wybiera FSC® Tetra Pak® Tetra Top®

Milko Natural Kefir (1 L)
Milko Natural Kefir (1 L)Open product description

Laciate 2% UHT Milk (1.5 L), €2.47

Łaciate 2,0% UHT Milk 1.5 Litre

Laciate 2% UHT Milk (1.5 L)
Laciate 2% UHT Milk (1.5 L)Open product description

Blakes Always Organic Natural Kefir (250 ml), €2.00

Our kefir drink is made in the traditional way with only naturally occurring sugars. It is rich in nutrients and tastes amazing too! Contains live bacterial cultures. It is a good source of Protein, Calcium, Vitamin B12 and Riboflavin (Vitamin B2).

Blakes Always Organic Natural Kefir (250 ml)
Blakes Always Organic Natural Kefir (250 ml)Open product description

Mlekpol Sour Cream (400 g), €1.70

Mlekpol Sour Cream 400g

Mlekpol Sour Cream (400 g)
Mlekpol Sour Cream (400 g)Open product description

Laciate Extra Butter (200 g), €3.64

Łaciate Extra Butter 200g

Laciate Extra Butter (200 g)
Laciate Extra Butter (200 g)Open product description
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