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Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar (100 g), €3.85

Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt - luxury dark chocolate bar with a touch of hand-harvested sea salt. Experience a treat for the senses with exceptionally rich yet thin chocolate bar. Lindt Master Chocolatiers have crafted the finest chocolate since 1845. Made with the finest ingredients, including sustainably sourced cocoa beans. For an exciting flavour combination, Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt can be enjoyed with good friends and a cup of Assam tea or espresso or a glass of Zinfandel. Experience Lindt Excellence Dark Sea Salt Chocolate - an indulgent chocolate bar with high cocoa content. The texture is smooth and the intense aroma means you can enjoy a symphony of cocoa as the Lindt chocolate melts on your tongue in a moment of pure pleasure. Our Master Chocolatiers combine the finest ingredients, including Fleur de Sel, a premium French sea salt, to create the perfect blend of silky dark chocolate in delicate thin diamonds. Perfect as an everyday treat and on-the go snack for those who like the fine things in life. Ideal in concert with your favourite tea, coffee or wine.

Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar  (100 g)
2 for €5.50
Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar (100 g)Open product description

Aine Hand Made Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar (100 g), €2.59

Our award winning chocolate bars are all handmade to ensure a distinctive, delicious flavour, texture and taste. This is achieved by our master chocolatier using only the finest ingredients. We are passionate about what goes into our finest range of handmade chocolate bars and proud of our reputation as 'a chocolate lovers chocolate'. Ann Rudden, Master Chocolatier.

Aine Hand Made Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar (100 g)
Aine Hand Made Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar (100 g)Open product description

Baileys Salted Caramel Bar (90 g), €2.79

Baileys Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar with Baileys 90g

Baileys Salted Caramel Bar (90 g)
Baileys Salted Caramel Bar (90 g)Open product description

Galaxy Milk Large Block (180 g), €4.50

Galaxy Smooth and Creamy Milk Chocolate is a delicious and indulgent treat that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, lovingly created to melt in your mouth.

Galaxy Milk Large Block (180 g)
Galaxy Milk Large Block (180 g)Open product description

Lindt Gold Bar Hazlenut (300 g), €7.50

Discover the delicious combination of crunchy and creamy in one irresistible giant hazelnut chocolate bar. Since 1845, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have combined their expertise with the highest quality ingredients from around the world to produce the finest chocolates. Delight in a sublime taste and texture experience as you peel back the glistening gold wrapping to reveal gently roasted hazelnuts enrobed in our smooth Swiss milk chocolate. Experience luxury with Lindt.

Lindt Gold Bar Hazlenut (300 g)
Only €7.50
Lindt Gold Bar Hazlenut (300 g)Open product description
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