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Foxes Rock India Pale Lager (500 ml), €2.90

A craft beer born of the Cooley Mountains, we take our name from the legend therein. Bold enough to be different, brave enough to stand alone, brewed to be as unique as the mighty fox. This hybrid beer style has a clean lager backbone with the fruity hop character of an IPA. Specially selected New Zealand hops bring a burst of citrus and tropical fruit.

Foxes Rock India Pale Lager (500 ml)
Age restricted item
Foxes Rock India Pale Lager (500 ml)Open product description

Blacks Tropical Ipa Bottle (500 ml), €3.25

This Tropical IPA combines Citra and Cascade hops with Pineapple, Mango and Passionfruit for a totally tropical vibe!

Blacks Tropical Ipa Bottle (500 ml)
Age restricted item
Blacks Tropical Ipa Bottle (500 ml)Open product description

Hope Brewery Gift Pack (330 ml), €18.00

Grunt Citrusy Wheat Beer A bone-dry, citrusy and spicy ale inspired by Walloon farmhouse brewers that's packed with flavour and refreshment. Great with Sea Food, Cheese Handsome Jack IPA A balanced, smooth, intense and citrusy double dry-hopped IPA, it is well balanced between the high level of bitterness and the sweet crystal malt. Great with Meat, Pizza Passifyoucan Pale Ale A malty, slightly fruity ale with a subtle hop kick. A great easy-drinking beer with a clear hop character but not as hoppy as an IPA. Great with Spicy Food, Chicken Underdog Hoppy Lager A clean, crisp lager with a subtle malt sweetness, refreshing bitterness and a citrusy and tropical hoppy punch. Great with BBQ, Burger Seasonals Our 2 seasonal beers are brewed to suit the weather:something dark and robust for the cold winter months and something light and fruity for the warm summer evenings. Fresh thinking and the newest ingredients go into each brew to make sure you get to try some- thing brand new with the changing of the season.

Hope Brewery Gift Pack (330 ml)
Age restricted item
Hope Brewery Gift Pack (330 ml)Open product description
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