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Comfort Botanical Summer Bouquet Fabric Conditioner 64 Wash Case (960 ml), €5.50

Introducing Comfort Botanical Summer Bouquet Fabric Conditioner: a fusion of nature-inspired fragrances and breakthrough technology that transforms your laundry routine into a unique botanical experience. Effective in short and cold cycles, our first-ever CrystalFresh transparent formula improves the breathability of your fabrics^ and envelops clothes in a full bloom of long-lasting freshness. This fabric softener features a honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom scent enriched with essential oils, bringing you the joy of botanical fragrance long after each wash. Featuring Crystal Fresh transparent technology, 40% fewer ingredients* and no artificial dyes, our fabric conditioner is dermatologically tested and designed to be used across different types of fabric, including sportswear, towels and jeans+. Elevate the freshness of your clothes even further with Comfort Summer Bouquet Fabric Conditioner and Scent Booster Elixir. Together, they create a multi-sensory experience that awakens your senses with sophisticated fragrances, leaving you feeling uplifted. For best results, use half a cap (15 ml) for standard loads (4–5 kg) and a full cap (32 ml) for larger (6–7 kg) loads. Dose straight into the fabric conditioner compartment of your washing machine drawer. Do not pour directly onto fabrics. For the ultimate sensory experience, pour the scent booster on top of your fabric softener, select your wash setting, then let your machine take care of the rest. The botanical freshness of Comfort will transport you to a happy place. ^30 ml dose on fabrics including polycotton, polyester, linen and wool vs Comfort concentrated fabric conditioner *vs Comfort Blue Skies +please refer to the garment’s fabric care label before use

Comfort Botanical Summer Bouquet Fabric Conditioner 64 Wash Case (960 ml)
Only €5.50
Comfort Botanical Summer Bouquet Fabric Conditioner 64 Wash Case (960 ml)Open product description
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