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Ariel Gel 42 Wash XL Mega Pack (1.386 L), €11.00

Discover Ariel Original washing liquid laundry detergent gel rated best buy by Which? among the July 2023 batch of laundry detergent tested. It provides brilliant stain and odour removal from as low as 15˚C. Wash colder with Ariel liquid gel. The bottle’s design & viscous formula allow you to measure the correct dose of gel with precision; all it takes is a little squeeze. It’s easy to use: just squeeze into the attached dosing cap, and add that directly into the washing machine drum for a brilliant Ariel clean.

Ariel Gel 42 Wash XL Mega Pack (1.386 L)
Only €11
Ariel Gel 42 Wash XL Mega Pack (1.386 L)Open product description
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