Real Rewards & My Online Shopping

How do I add Real Rewards to my Online Shopping account? Your Real Rewards account will automatically be linked to your online shopping account if your Real Rewards account email and your online shopping email are the same. If you are using 2 different emails, then you can add your Real Rewards account under the "My Account" section on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Is my Real Rewards card attached to my online account? Yes they are automatically linked so you can use the same email address for both.
My Real Rewards are not appearing on my online shopping account? This is because you may have used a different email for your Real Rewards account and Online Shopping Account. You can manually add your Real Rewards card under the My Account section on the top right of your screen.
I don't have any Real Rewards account, how do I sign up? When you register an account for online shopping you will be given an option to create a card for Real Rewards. Alternatively, you can download and register through our Real Rewards App. Then, follow the steps in the question above on how you can add your Real Rewards account to your Online Shopping account.
How will the Real Rewards Price discount be applied for online shoppers? You will not see the discount applied at checkout. If your Delivery or Collection slot is within the offer dates, the discount will be applied in-store when processing your order and the reduced amount will be charged. You will see this on your till receipt as 'RR Discount'.