First Time Shopper

How do I redeem my €20 off €100 voucher? This voucher will automatically apply once you have added more than €100 worth of items to your online order. The €100 spend for this voucher cannot be earned through the purchase of any of the following goods: alcohol, medicines, tobacco products, infant formula or the re-turn deposit charge.
Do I have to be registered to place an order online? Yes, you will need to set up a SuperValu account to place an order online. Not to worry, registering takes just a few minutes.
Why do I need to choose a slot before placing my online order? Selecting a slot for your online order is necessary for two reasons:
  • It ensures you get the best choice of available delivery/collection slots.
  • It allows you to view the promotions and special offers applicable to your selected slot.
Is there a delivery/collection charge? Yes, delivery charges may vary in amount depending on the store, and the day & time of your order. There is no charge for collection orders.
Can I choose a specific time and day for my order? Absolutely! You can select a time slot that suits your schedule from the available options.
How do I place an order online?
  • Step 1: Register or sign in to your SuperValu account.
  • Step 2: Book a slot by selecting a store, date, and time for your online order. You can do this on the top of the page by clicking the Welcome tab.
  • Step 3: Search for your products using the search bar or browse aisles, then add items to your trolley.
  • Step 4: Proceed to check out. Once you’ve finished shopping, you’ll see a trolley summary on the side. This summary displays the prices of the items and the total trolley value (excluding delivery).
  • Step 5: On the checkout page, you’ll find the following options:
    • Confirm delivery or collection details
    • Order summary
    • Substitution preferences
  • Step 6: Complete the checkout process.
Can I save my order and finish it later? Yes, you can! Any products added to your trolley will remain there until you complete your purchase. Keep in mind that your selected slot will be reserved for 2 hours. After that time, you’ll need to reselect your desired slot.
I cannot find an item online, what can I do? Products shown online are based on store availability. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our category and product pages include a special request option at the bottom. Simply put in the item name, weight/size, and the quantity you need, and your personal shopper will try to locate it for you.
What are substitutions? Substitutions are similar items in terms of value, quality, and price. Customers have the option when ordering to allow substitutions. If a product is not available in-store on the day of picking, then this item will be replaced with a substitute. If the substitute option is not selected, then this product will be deducted from the final cost of the shop
How do I amend my order? After placing your order, check your inbox for your confirmation email and click on the “Amend order” option at the top. Here you will be able to select an alternative slot, add or remove products as well as add or remove Real Reward vouchers.
How does payment work when I shop online? On the day you place your order, we pre-approve your card to ensure it is valid. We will seek to authenticate (but not charge) 115% of the order value from your bank to cover your shop. This practice aligns with the EU Payment Services Directive. You will be charged on your delivery/collection date after your order has been picked in-store.
How do I know when my order is complete? After successfully checking out, you will be brought to a confirmation page where you can view the details of your order.