Account Settings

I need to delete/change the address my account has set for a delivery, how do I do this? During the checkout stage of your shopping journey, you will need to confirm the correct address for delivery. In the checkout window, you can delete or edit a previously used address or swap it for another.
  1. In the checkout window select the 'Delivery Address' field and click 'Edit'.
  2. Beneath each address you have used you will be able to Edit or Delete.
  3. Please note amending the address may require you to switch stores as your local SuperValu may not deliver to your new address.
  4. If your address requires a different store please select Change Store for Delivery icon.
I want to change my correspondence with SuperValu, how do I do this?
  1. Once logged in select My Account
  2. From here select Personal Details from the drop-down menu.
  3. On the following screen select Communication Centre.
  4. From here you may select the type of correspondence you will receive from SuperValu email, text or post. You may also select certain features you wish to hear about such as insurance and special offers.