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Windolene Glass & Shiny Surface Cleaner (750 ml), €2.81

Windolene Trigger Sprays, a powerful cleaner from the glass cleaning specialists giving you brilliantly clean and smear free windows. This formula dissolves grease and lifts off dirt on glass to ensure that your windows are left gleaming. Easy to use formula, cleans with vinegar and leaves a streak free shine, simply apply to glass and polish off for instant results.

Windolene Glass & Shiny Surface Cleaner (750 ml)
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Windolene Glass & Shiny Surface Cleaner (750 ml)Open product description
€2.81 was €3.75€3.75/l

SuperValu Window & Glass Cleaner (500 ml), €0.39

SuperValu Window & Glass Cleaner 500ml

SuperValu Window & Glass Cleaner (500 ml)
SuperValu Window & Glass Cleaner (500 ml)Open product description

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