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SuperValu Spicy Wedges (750 g), €0.99

SuperValu Spicy Wedges 750g

SuperValu Spicy Wedges  (750 g)
SuperValu Spicy Wedges (750 g)Open product description

Green Isle Spicy Wedges (600 g), €4.00

Deliciously spicy potato wedges made from carefully selected potatoes & prepared in sunflower oil. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Perfect for family nights in, snacking and party food occasions, enjoy with your favorite dip. Serve up to add some spice to your meal or snack today!

Green Isle Spicy Wedges (600 g)
Green Isle Spicy Wedges (600 g)Open product description

Aunt Bessie's Lightly Seasoned Wedges (750 g), €5.95

Lightly Seasoned Potato Wedges Winning in the kitchen! These Potato Wedges are fluffy on the inside, lightly seasoned, and have that extra bit of crispiness that really makes them a delicious addition to any meal. It's time to tuck in.

Aunt Bessie's Lightly Seasoned Wedges (750 g)
Aunt Bessie's Lightly Seasoned Wedges (750 g)Open product description

SuperValu Sweet Potato Fries (500 g), €2.49

Green Dot

SuperValu Sweet Potato Fries (500 g)
SuperValu Sweet Potato Fries (500 g)Open product description

McCain Firecracker Wedges (650 g), €3.99

Here at McCain we're a family owned foods company and we know good, honest food tastes best. That's why we keep things simple. We're passionate about potatoes and our farmers who grow them. Our farmers are the extension of our McCain family and we have worked with some of them for over 3 generations. With the finest crops, we always cut from whole potatoes and prepare with love and care using real, simple ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives. Made from delicious potatoes for everyone to enjoy!

McCain Firecracker Wedges (650 g)
McCain Firecracker Wedges (650 g)Open product description

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