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Green Isle Cauliflower Rice (320 g), €3.50

Are you looking for some inspiration? At Green Isle, we know it can be a challenge planning mealtimes. We are continuously looking for new ideas and developing quality products to help solve these dilemmas. Introducing New Green Isle Cauliflower Rice, a great low calorie alternative to white rice, prepared and ready to use from frozen. Green Isle Cauliflower Rice is naturally gluten free and a source of Vitamin C. Each 160g bag contains only 3g of carbs, 86% fewer calories than boiled white rice and cooks perfectly in 3 mins. Serve instead of rice, potato or pasta for healthy mealtimes across the week.

Green Isle Cauliflower Rice (320 g)
Green Isle Cauliflower Rice (320 g)Open product description

Birds Eye Steamfresh Super Sunshine Mix 4 Pack (540 g), €3.00

Get munching and try the Birds Eye Steamfresh Super Sunshine Mix Steam Bags. This veg mix is so fresh and flavourful, the whole family will love it. The perfect addition to any dinnertime meal, our Steamfresh veg mix consists of carrots, peas and sweetcorn - packed to the brim with taste and nutritional value! Our Super Sunshine veg mix comes prepared in our clever steam bags that work their magic by locking in the natural goodness from the frozen veg to give you perfect results every time. When it’s cooked, just let the bag stand for a minute and enjoy your mixed veg! Locks in goodness* keeps the crunch Wave goodbye to soggy, colourless vegetables. Our clever individual steam bags gently steam our delicious Super Sunshine Mix vegetables to unlock all their natural goodness* and give you perfect tasting results every time, in just 3 1/2 minutes. Hello, nutritious, yummy, vibrant veggies! *Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal vision One Steamfresh steam bag provides 1 of your recommended 5 daily portions of fruit and vegetables.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Super Sunshine Mix 4 Pack (540 g)
Only €3
Birds Eye Steamfresh Super Sunshine Mix 4 Pack (540 g)Open product description
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