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Daily Basic Pocket Pack (15 Piece), €1.35

15 packs of pocket facial tissues. Each pack contains 10 x 4ply tissues. Sheet size: 210mm x 210mm approx. Total area: 6.615m2 approx.

Daily Basic Pocket Pack (15 Piece)
Daily Basic Pocket Pack (15 Piece)Open product description
€1.35€0.09 each

Nicky Aloe Vera Pocket Tissues (10 Piece), €2.00

Nicky Aloe Vera 4 Ply Tissue 10 Pocket Packs

Nicky Aloe Vera Pocket Tissues (10 Piece)
Only €2
Nicky Aloe Vera Pocket Tissues (10 Piece)Open product description
€2.00€0.20 each

Kleenex Original Pocket Pack Hanks Facial Tissue 6 Pack (1 Piece), €1.95

Desperately dabbing a spillage? Stifling a sneeze? Mopping up after the kids at home? Whatever life throws at you, make sure you're ready for it with Kleenex® Original tissues – your everyday champion. Grab Kleenex®. We’ve got your back. Kleenex® Original tissues are soft and strong, ready to take on any of life’s challenges. Made for tackling messes head on, our pocket pack is there for you when you need them most. There for sorting out dirty hands and catching rogue coughs and sneezes – what's more, they still have that soft, smooth texture you know and love. Wave goodbye to spills, sneezes and splats. Pick up a pocket pack of Kleenex® Original tissues, ready to catch life’s unexpected messes on the go. No need to panic about any pigeons swooping overhead. You’ve got it sussed. Made with strong, sustainably sourced fibres, Kleenex® Original tissues are a comforting companion, always standing by to clean you up – the way we always have. Take on colds, messes and spills. Kleenex® tissues are ready for any task, whether you're at home or on the move. Bring on the mess. Heading out? Grab a pocket pack. Make sure you always have Kleenex® Original tissues to hand, so you can be ready for whatever life throws your way, wherever you happen to be. 100% recyclable.

Kleenex Original Pocket Pack Hanks Facial Tissue 6 Pack (1 Piece)
Kleenex Original Pocket Pack Hanks Facial Tissue 6 Pack (1 Piece)Open product description

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