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Kleenex Mansize Extra Large Compact Facial Tissue Twin Pack 88 Sheets (44 Sheets), €2.50

When life gets messy, face it head-on. With Kleenex® Extra Large tissues, you've got the goods to tackle any challenge. Made for catching big sneezes, wiping snotty noses and mopping up everyday accidents, our largest tissues let you clean up any mess in just one swipe. With extra room to blow, dab, wipe, and comfort runny noses, or to clean up messy mouths and spills. All with the same Kleenex® tissue quality you know and love. Surprise messes? Snot a problem. Grab a compact twin pack of Kleenex® Extra Large tissues and be ready to take on the day. Our compact boxes are a perfect fit for bedside tables, coffee tables and bathrooms. Always in reach to tackle spills, drips and sneezes the moment they happen. Larger tissues. Smaller footprint. All our Kleenex® Brand boxes are made from recycled carton, which means they're 100% recyclable. Rub, clean and mop up mess with 100% sustainably sourced fibres, making a positive change for forests and people around the world. Size up from our regular tissues. Kleenex® Extra Large tissues let you wipe up any mess with one swipe. Strong, soft and extra big, for when you need a little extra. Life is messy, be ready for it with Kleenex® Extra Large tissues. Enjoy Extra Large tissues without taking up extra room, perfect for when you need a little extra in less space. Same quality, just folded.

Kleenex Mansize Extra Large Compact Facial Tissue Twin Pack 88 Sheets (44 Sheets)
Only €2.50
Kleenex Mansize Extra Large Compact Facial Tissue Twin Pack 88 Sheets (44 Sheets)Open product description
€2.50€0.06 each

Kleenex Tissues Balsam Xl Compact (40 Piece), €3.15

"Snotty noses. Stuffy noses. Streamy noses. They're part of everyday life. Especially during cold and flu season. So, when you're not feeling your best, be kind to yourself and treat your nose to a little extra care when you grab Kleenex® Balsam tissue - your nose's favourite sidekick. Don't let a runny nose ruin your day. Wipe, blow and soothe your nose with a tissue you can trust. Kleenex® Balsam tissues are soft and kind to snotty noses. With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it's protective balm helps to soothe your nose, so banish the redness and hold your head high."

Kleenex Tissues Balsam Xl Compact (40 Piece)
Kleenex Tissues Balsam Xl Compact (40 Piece)Open product description
€3.15€0.08 each
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