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Kleenex Collection Cube 48 Sheet (48 Sheets), €1.00

We designed this box to act as a little reminder to Take a Moment for yourself whenever you need it. Because at Kleenex® we believe mental health is just as important as physical health. Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. The words on each of our packs have been written by those who have found comfort and support with Mind. So, when you buy a box or pocket pack from our Take a Moment range, we donate to mental health charities*. Reach out for support at *For every pack sold Kleenex® will donate £0.01 for a minimum donation of £100,800, with Mind receiving 89%, SAMH 8% and Inspire 3%. Mind is a registered charity in England and Wales (219830), SAMH is the Scottish Association for Mental Health (Scottish Charity No. SC-008897), Inspire is a registered charity in Northern Ireland (103470).

Kleenex Collection Cube 48 Sheet (48 Sheets)
Only €1
Kleenex Collection Cube 48 Sheet (48 Sheets)Open product description
€1.00€0.02 each

Kleenex Ultrasoft Cube 48 Sheets (48 Sheets), €3.25

"Life can be messy, but that doesn't mean we can't face it with a little bit of luxury. Give you and your family the royal treatment with Kleenex® Ultra Soft, our premium tissues that are kinder to your skin. Perfect for blotting lipstick, dabbing makeup, or every snuffle or sad movie, Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues are by your side. Gentle on your skin and silky to the touch, give your skin a little extra TLC with Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues. Stock up with a cube box of Kleenex® Ultra Soft tissues so you'll never be caught without your favourite soft and silky tissues. Our boxes are 100% recyclable and 100% of the fibres used in Kleenex® Brand tissues comes from sustainable sources which supports a positive change for forests and people around the world."

Kleenex Ultrasoft Cube 48 Sheets (48 Sheets)
Kleenex Ultrasoft Cube 48 Sheets (48 Sheets)Open product description
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