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Epicure Petty Porcini Mushrooms (30 g), €4.55

Our Porcini Mushrooms are packed with flavour. Delicious in soup or pastas.

Epicure Petty Porcini Mushrooms   (30 g)
Epicure Petty Porcini Mushrooms (30 g)Open product description

Epicure Italian Chestnuts Cooked & Peeled (200 g), €3.60

Our Italian Chestnuts have been carefully harvested by hand, dried, peeled, cooked and pouch sealed to maintain their sweet nutty flavour.

Epicure Italian Chestnuts Cooked & Peeled (200 g)
Epicure Italian Chestnuts Cooked & Peeled (200 g)Open product description

Epicure Ratatouille Nicoise (375 g), €1.75

Our Ratatouille Niçoise originates from the South of France capturing the simple flavours of Provence and Nice. Delicious as a side dish, ideal filling for crêpes.

Epicure Ratatouille Nicoise (375 g)
Epicure Ratatouille Nicoise (375 g)Open product description

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