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Hb Feast Chocolate (90 ml), €2.00

Feast Original chunky chocolate flavour ice cream stick is a delicious chocolate flavour ice cream that makes for a tasty snack that will satisfy everyone. Chocolate flavoured ice cream wrapped in a chocolatey coating with biscuit pieces. Inside the delicious ice cream lies a solid and crunchy chocolate-flavour nugget core. All in all, it's crispy and delicious with a smooth, creamy texture. A Feast is the perfect, classic frozen snack to treat yourself with. Feast is an iconic British ice cream and part of the Wall's ice cream family, which also includes Cornetto, Solero and Calippo ice lollies. Here at Wall's, we like to think of Feast as a full on ‘feast’ for the senses – with the outer chocolatey coating containing biscuit pieces, and the inner chocolatey core surrounded by chocolate flavour ice cream, paired together to make an irresistable frozen treat. Perfect for an afternoon treat, to enjoy after a meal as a frozen dessert, or on a hot summer's day. Feast is part of Wall's broad range of ice creams which are helping to build a happier, more inclusive world, one street at a time. If you like our Feast ice cream sticks, why not try our other Wall’s classics? Including Calippo, and our Twister Pineapple ice cream lolly. For more information, please visit our website.

Hb Feast Chocolate (90 ml)
Hb Feast Chocolate (90 ml)Open product description

HB Loop The Loop (65 ml), €1.05

Loop the Loop Lemon Sherbet Flavour 65ml

HB Loop The Loop  (65 ml)
HB Loop The Loop (65 ml)Open product description

Max Twister Pear Vanilla & Strawberry (80 ml), €1.65

Twister Pear Flavour 80ml

Max Twister Pear Vanilla & Strawberry (80 ml)
Max Twister Pear Vanilla & Strawberry (80 ml)Open product description

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