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Dairylea Dunkers Breadstick 4Pack (43 g), €3.55

Dairylea Dunkers Breadsticks 4 x 43g (172g)

Dairylea Dunkers Breadstick 4Pack (43 g)
Dairylea Dunkers Breadstick 4Pack (43 g)Open product description

Dairylea Dunkers Nachos 4Pack (43 g), €3.55

Made with milk and cheese, heated and blended into a yummy, creamy tasting cheese dip, accompanied by tasty Nachos A favourite with little kids, big kids and the kid in you! Take a nacho and dunk it right in that yummy cheese dip!

Dairylea Dunkers Nachos 4Pack (43 g)
Dairylea Dunkers Nachos 4Pack (43 g)Open product description
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