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Herta The Original Frankfurter 10 Pack (350 g), €3.79

Put some Fun on the menu with HERTA great tasting frankfurters Hot Dogs! You can create your very own tasty Hot Dog or try Mixing, Chopping, Dicing Herta as part of a delicious easy family meal. Made with care since 1897, Herta Classics Frankfurters are smoked with natural beechwood for extra flavour and can be simmered, fried, grilled, microwaved, baked or barbecued. - Are you looking for a lighter alternative? Try our tasty Chicken Frankfurters; they contain 39% less fat and 67% less saturated fat than Herta Pork Frankfurters. - Try Herta Frankfurters grilled or oven baked, it really brings out the flavour!

Herta The Original Frankfurter 10 Pack (350 g)
Herta The Original Frankfurter 10 Pack (350 g)Open product description

Daily Basics Hot Dogs (350 g), €2.19

Daily Basics Hot Dogs 350g

Daily Basics Hot Dogs (350 g)
Daily Basics Hot Dogs (350 g)Open product description

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