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SuperValu Skimmed Milk (1 L), €1.05

At SuperValu, our milk is 100% sourced from dairies in the Republic of Ireland. Each dairy is affiliated with the National Dairy Council, meaning you can enjoy the freshest milk while also supporting sustainable farming and 4,600 Irish jobs.

SuperValu Skimmed Milk (1 L)
SuperValu Skimmed Milk (1 L)Open product description

Avonmore Slimline Milk (500 ml), €0.95

With so much going on in our lives, we all need a little help to keep us going throughout the day. Avonmore Slimline milk is a fat free milk, enriched with added iron and vitamin C. Iron helps to guard us against tiredness and fatigue, while vitamin C helps our bodies absorb iron, which in turn helps release energy throughout the day. Avonmore Slimline milk is also enriched with folic acid and vitamin D; essential nutrients to help you feel your best. Avonmore Slimline milk - All the goodness of milk without the fat! Iron - helps guard against tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin C - increases iron absorption. Vitamin D - helps to absorb calcium and helps support normal immune function. Folic Acid - contributes to normal psychological function.

Avonmore Slimline Milk  (500 ml)
Avonmore Slimline Milk (500 ml)Open product description
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