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Pampers Premium Protection Essential Pack Size 2 (44 Piece), €8.00

Pampers’ best comfort and protection for babies’ skin. Prolonged contact with urine and mess can affect the condition of your baby’s sensitive skin which can be a cause of discomfort or distress for your baby. Pampers Premium Protection New Baby nappies are especially designed to provide Pampers' softest and most caring protection thanks to 1) An exclusive DERMACOMFORT layer with absorbent pores that instantly pulls wetness and mess away from skin and locks them inside the nappy, so your baby’s delicate skin remains dry and protected; 2) In addition, millions of micropores allowing air to flow freely around the nappy to keep skin dry; 3) Up to 100% Leakage Protection thanks a unique 3-way protection system that absorbs liquid quickly and helps prevent leaks at the waist and around the legs; 4) Cushiony Ultra Soft materials to hug your baby’s skin in a cloud of comfort & protection. Pampers Premium Protection New baby nappies, the No.1 choice of parents for newborns, are 100% safe for your baby’s skin: they are dermatologically tested and and contain 0% EU perfume allergens (as regulated in the EU Cosmetics Regulation No 1223/2009). Use with Pampers baby wipes.

Pampers Premium Protection Essential Pack Size 2 (44 Piece)
Only €8
Pampers Premium Protection Essential Pack Size 2 (44 Piece)Open product description
€8.00€0.18 each
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