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Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum (70 cl), €25.00

The original. The icon. It’s Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, flavoured with the taste of vanilla, other natural flavours and spice for an irresistibly sweet yet subtly spiced taste. Versatility is its speciality. Make it hot, make it cold, make it sweet, make it fruity or even make it creamy. Delicious possibilities are there for the making.

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum (70 cl)
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Bacardi Caribbean Spiced (700 ml), €32.00

BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced blends smooth, aged rum, spice and the Caribbean flavours of coconut and pineapple, with the unique sweetness of the coconut blossom. Perfectly blended and balanced, this is a spirit that is firmly rooted in the Caribbean, great for making simple drinks exciting, or your favourite tropical cocktails.

Bacardi Caribbean Spiced (700 ml)
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Bacardi Raspberry Rum (70 cl), €27.00

Is it sweet? Is it sharp? Or a mouth-watering combination of the two? BACARDÍ Raspberry Flavoured Rum is a crisp blend of white rum and citrus raspberry flavours.

Bacardi Raspberry Rum (70 cl)
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Bacardí Spiced Rum (70 cl), €23.00

Bacardi Spiced Rum is made with rum aged and unaged, with a hint of smokiness from charred American oak, Bacardí Spiced is blended with natural flavours and spices for a bold, yet smooth taste. This spiced rum drink has both light and deep notes, making it perfect for mixing.

Bacardí Spiced Rum (70 cl)
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Malibu Rum (20 cl), €8.35

Versatile and refreshing, Malibu Rum is perfect in cocktails like the classic Piña Colada or mixed simply with pineapple/cola. Malibu Original Coconut Rum Nose: Fresh, light, creamy & sweet coconut together with rum and vanilla Body: Smooth and creamy Palate: Well balanced between rum, coconut & vanilla Finish: Lingering sweet rummy coconut

Malibu Rum (20 cl)
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Malibu Rum (20 cl)Open product description

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