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Graham Norton's Own Rose (75 cl), €12.50

Graham Norton’s Rosé is exquisitely pale in the glass, with notes of fresh muddled strawberries and watermelon and the palate is zingy and vibrant. Some call it a picnic in a bottle! “Created on a perfect summer’s afternoon, balanced flavours and the perfect shade of pink combine to create my favourite rosé to date. Enjoy!” – Graham Norton. Wine of New Zealand Made in partnership with Graham Norton and New Zealand’s Invivo.

Graham Norton's Own Rose (75 cl)
Only €12.50
Age restricted item
Graham Norton's Own Rose (75 cl)Open product description

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blush (75 cl), €13.50

Blush is a toast to moments of joy. To raising a glass when you're in the moment, loving life and those around you. With a delicate pink hue and bursting with fresh flavours of passionfruit and cranberry, it's made for when life feels great.

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blush (75 cl)
Age restricted item
Villa Maria Sauvignon Blush (75 cl)Open product description

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