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Kylie Minogue Rose (75 cl), €15.00

Delicate and fruity with alluring aromas of crisp summer berries and blossom. Made from perfectly ripe, sun-drenched grapes from south facing vineyards, this French rosé is delicious on its own or pairs beautifully with salads and seafood.

Kylie Minogue Rose (75 cl)
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Moillard Beaujolais Rose (75 cl), €15.50

Building on its established expertise, Moillard signs this exceptional Beaujolais Rosé with a beautiful pale pink colour. Fruity and charming aromas, a great freshness: Ideal as an aperitif but also with grilled fishes.

Moillard Beaujolais Rose (75 cl)
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Rose D'anjou 'l'un Des Sens' (75 cl), €8.00

Our Rosé d'Anjou opens with fruity notes such as redcurrant and raspberry. The great freshness on the palate is giving to the wine both crispiness and generosity.

Rose D'anjou 'l'un Des Sens' (75 cl)
Age restricted item
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Sarah Jessica Parker Rose (75 cl), €18.00

This premium South of France Rosé has been crafted in collaboration with a family estate from Provence, Sarah Jessica Parker and Invivo. The final blend was selected by Sarah Jessica and Invivo over an afternoon of tasting. The result: Aromas of summer berries and rose petals - a full bodied wine with great complexity and elegance. "Blending the Rosé was a fulfilling experience and I am looking forward to adding it to our collection of wines."

Sarah Jessica Parker Rose (75 cl)
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Screaming Devil Cotes De Provence (75 cl), €18.99

Perfumed white peach, bright mango, and passion fruit aromas, along with some rhubarb notes on the nose. A really lively vibrant palate, a fresh and saline structure, beautiful zesty length, with intense aromas. Don't hesitate to discover the charms of the Screaming Devil.

Screaming Devil Cotes De Provence (75 cl)
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Screaming Devil Cotes De Provence (75 cl)Open product description

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