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Roma Boil In The Bag Cous Cous (500 g), €3.79

Since 1951, Roma has helped families to fall in love with Italian food. Our passion for authentic Italian ingredients is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products which help you to create simple, delicious meals that your whole family will enjoy.

Roma Boil In The Bag Cous Cous (500 g)
Roma Boil In The Bag Cous Cous (500 g)Open product description

Jamie Oliver Sweet Chilli Spelt (250 g), €3.19

Sensational Sweet Chilli Spelt We've tossed these spelt grains with wild rice and tangy apricots, then added a gentle heat with some crushed dried chillies and paprika to give it a lovely warm glow. Made with love. Jamie What's so Good About...? Spelt is one the world's oldest grain: it's native to Iran and parts of Europe and was one of the first species of wheat ever used to make bread. Spelt has a lovely, nutty flavour and is a great alternative to rice and pasta.

Jamie Oliver Sweet Chilli Spelt (250 g)
Jamie Oliver Sweet Chilli Spelt (250 g)Open product description

Jamie Oliver Curried Chickpeas (250 g), €3.19

We've mixed these gorgeous, nutty chickpeas with the classic Indian-inspired flavours of cumin, coriander, ginger and cinnamon, and brought everything together with a good dash of fresh, zingy lemon. You're gonna love it! Made with love, Jamie x What's so Good About...? Chickpeas are a staple of Indian and Mediterranean food and they're really versatile. In fact, the Ancient Greeks even ate them for dessert, but these days you'll more often find them in houmous and falafel or thrown into stews, soups and curries.

Jamie Oliver Curried Chickpeas (250 g)
Jamie Oliver Curried Chickpeas (250 g)Open product description

Jamie Oliver Lovely Lentils (250 g), €3.19

These hearty lentils really deliver on the flavour front. We've slow-cooked and combined with carrots, spinach, celery and red onion until it's all nice and sweet, then tossed it in a red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing. It's so tasty you could just eat it on its own. Made with love, Jamie What's So Good About... ? Lentils are a good source of fibre and protein and have been part of our diet for thousands of years - experts say maybe even 13,000 years. They come in all kinds of colours, from red to green to black, and are grown and eaten all around the world. They can take a while to cook, but we've taken care of that!

Jamie Oliver Lovely Lentils (250 g)
Jamie Oliver Lovely Lentils (250 g)Open product description

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