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Branston Original Pickle (360 g), €2.19

The perfect tasty accompaniment to liven up your sandwich or cheeseboard. Simply add some Branston Pickle to give your food our unique combination of delicious tang & crunch.

Branston Original Pickle (360 g)
Branston Original Pickle (360 g)Open product description

Heinz Sandwich Spread (300 g), €2.50

Our rich Heinz Sandwich Spread is bursting with irresistibly tangy flavour and is great for lunchboxes. Packed full of crunchy vegetables, this spread tastes perfect as it is or partnered with cheese, ham and chicken to satisfy any hunger. For the health conscious, we even offer a lower calorie variety with 25% less fat than our standard recipe.

Heinz Sandwich Spread (300 g)
Heinz Sandwich Spread (300 g)Open product description

Chef Mixed Pickles 50% Extra Free (532 g), €2.85

Chef Mixed Pickles 535g

Chef Mixed Pickles 50% Extra Free (532 g)
Chef Mixed Pickles 50% Extra Free (532 g)Open product description

Kuhne Red Cabbage (350 g), €2.79

Kühne Red Cabbage 350g

Kuhne Red Cabbage  (350 g)
Kuhne Red Cabbage (350 g)Open product description

Kuhne Fried Onions (100 g), €2.89

Filling level depends on production.

Kuhne Fried Onions (100 g)
Kuhne Fried Onions (100 g)Open product description

Kuhne Sauerkraut (810 g), €4.59

Kühne Sauerkraut 810g

Kuhne Sauerkraut (810 g)
Kuhne Sauerkraut (810 g)Open product description

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