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Fillippo Berio Sun Dried Tom Pesto (190 g), €4.19

Containing over 40% sun-dried tomatoes and prepared using only the finest ingredients, this pesto is bursting with the flavour of rich, sweet tomatoes.

Fillippo Berio Sun Dried Tom Pesto   (190 g)
Fillippo Berio Sun Dried Tom Pesto (190 g)Open product description

Jamie Oliver Green Pesto (190 g), €3.79

Made from crushed pine nuts, basil and authentic Italian cheeses - with a little olive oil for a silky smooth finish - this herby pesto is brilliant whisked into an omelette or stirred through freshly cooked pasta. Made with love, Jamie O

Jamie Oliver Green Pesto  (190 g)
Jamie Oliver Green Pesto (190 g)Open product description
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