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Flash Duster Sk Xxl Handle +2 Dusters (1 Piece), €4.50

Say bye, bye to dust, dirt & hair! Flash Dust Magnet XL Duster is the tool to trap and lock dust, hair and allergens from dust-mites, but also cats and dogs from surfaces thanks to its thousands of fluffy fibers lightly coated whatever the heights. Flash Dust Magnet XL extends up to 90 cm and reaches high, low and tight places, providing a more thorough clean than other dust cloth. The telescopic duster has a pivoting head that can be adjusted and locked into four different positions to clean angled surfaces such as wood, furniture, cabinet corners, baseboards... It even goes in the hardest-to-reach areas like radiators, blinds, car dashboards or electronics... Flash Dust Magnet cloths have unique fibers that adapt shape to get into nooks and crannies, so you get rid of dust and hair on virtually any surface without spreading it around your home. Tips to know: it's particularly convenient for picking up pet hair as most pets shed all time or if you suffer from dust allergies. It works so well that you may actually begin to like dusting! Use the Flash Dust Magnet refills with Flash Dust Magnet Handle.

Flash Duster Sk Xxl Handle +2 Dusters (1 Piece)
Only €4.50
Flash Duster Sk Xxl Handle +2 Dusters (1 Piece)Open product description

Flash Speedmop Refill Lemon (24 Piece), €8.00

Flash Speedmop Floor Cleaner antibacterial Wet Cleaning Wipes are the quick, easy and hygienic way to keep on top of daily floor dirt, providing an effective clean and killing 99.9% of bacteria. Packed with a powerful dirt-dissolving solution and disinfecting ingredients, cleaning wipes pull dirt from surfaces and lock it away into the sheet. In fact, they are 2x thicker & wetter than floor wipes! The unique cleaning solution dissolves tough dirt, grease and grime. Filled with classic Flash lemon scent, re-assuringly clean. The thick wet cloth traps and locks dirt and grime, pulling it deep into the cloth and off your floors. To remove tough stains, simply flip the Speedmop head and scrub the stains with the green scrubby strip.

Flash Speedmop Refill Lemon (24 Piece)
Only €8
Flash Speedmop Refill Lemon (24 Piece)Open product description
€8.00€0.33 each
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