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Starter Firelog (1 Piece), €1.50

Starter Firelog 700g

Starter Firelog (1 Piece)
10 for €14.60
Starter Firelog (1 Piece)Open product description

Firebloc Firelog (1 Piece), €2.20


Firebloc Firelog (1 Piece)
4 for €8.60
Firebloc Firelog (1 Piece)Open product description

Zip Fire Starter (400 g), €1.45

Standard Brands Quality Environmental Health & Safety Certified Site

Zip Fire Starter (400 g)
Zip Fire Starter (400 g)Open product description

Zip Firestarter 10 Pack (400 g), €13.50

Zip® and the Heart logo are registered trademarks and used under licence.

Zip Firestarter 10 Pack (400 g)
Zip Firestarter 10 Pack (400 g)Open product description

Zip Starter Log (700 g), €2.30

The Zip Starterlog is a new and convenient way to start your fire. It replaces the need for kindling with one quick and easy log, that burns for up to 90 minutes.

Zip Starter  Log (700 g)
Zip Starter Log (700 g)Open product description

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