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Surf Tropical Lily Powder 39 Wash (1.95 kg), €9.00

Indulge your senses in fragrant bursts of exotic florals, natural wood and lush fruits with Surf Tropical Lily Laundry Powder. Its fragrance release formula ensures burst after burst of its tropical scent is released right through your day, so your laundry stays fragrantly fresh, with a brilliant deep clean you'll love. The lily’s honeyed, floral scent is a favourite, ranking in the top five most popular fresh cut flowers in the world. You can rest assured that your clothes will be brilliantly clean and fresh for longer with this laundry detergent from the UK's no.1 fragrance powder detergent brand**. What's more, this washing powder now uses 31% less packaging*. A smaller box, made from 100% recyclable cardboard. Surf Tropical Lily Laundry Powder with its sensational fragrance is available in washing liquid, washing powder and washing capsules. Its unique formula cares for the fabric in your clothes, and it is suitable for washing both colours and whites. Surf's laundry range offers brilliant cleaning while bringing you the joy of fresh fragrance long after you've washed your clothes. For best results, measure 50 g of powder into a cup and then into the drawer of your machine. Don't add this powder to the washing machine drum, and don't mix it into a paste with water to pre-treat stains. *vs previous packaging **Kantar 52 w/e 08.02.2022

Surf Tropical Lily Powder 39 Wash (1.95 kg)
Surf Tropical Lily Powder 39 Wash (1.95 kg)Open product description

Bold Lavender & Camomile Powder 29 Wash (1.45 kg), €7.70

Bold washing powder provides a brilliant cleaning with built-in Lenor Freshness. The innovative formula with anti-residue technology dissolves quickly in contact with water, instantly activates, and penetrates deep down to fibers to deliver an outstanding clean even in colder temperature.A relaxing and lingering scent, that’s Bold Lavender and Camomile Washing Powder. Imagine strolling through fragrant lavender fields, leaving all cares behind. This classic scent blends soothing camomile and honey with woody notes for a total feeling of serenity. Breathe in the blissful notes and ... relax..

Bold Lavender & Camomile Powder 29 Wash (1.45 kg)
Bold Lavender & Camomile Powder 29 Wash (1.45 kg)Open product description
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